At The Beginning ..

We’ve got our site up and running, we've got a few hundred ideas, we've got some research going on. Is it for real that we’re starting a business?

As we sit here and think of all the times we’ve wanted to start our own T-Shirt business, we never imagined it would materialize this way. 

Sitting with friends, over coffee, and we decided – lets do it!

Have you ever been really sure and really freaked out at the same time? Like you were meant to do something, but when u wake up the next day, it’s like ‘What was I even thinking, this is never going to work!' That’s how we feel today - So committed and so screwed!

But hey, here we are today, writing our thoughts and going ahead with this crazy idea. We want to make everything about oneSummer fun, smiles and more smiles. Because that’s the whole point of following a dream.. Isn't it?

We can't tell you how this journey will end, but we do know where to start.

See you soon!!

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